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Coconut Handicrafts


Coconut shell handicrafts are one of the main eco friendly products available in the market. We manufacture a wide range of crafts made of coconut as well as coconut shell. Since 2005, our artisans of Kerala have been working extensively in crafts made out of coconut shell / coconut shell craft.

 Our coconut handicrafts has a direct connection to Kerala tourism, the artifacts in coconut are made as per the growing demands worldwide. Coconut shell products include coconut shell jewelry, coconut shell lamp shades, coconuts shell bags, coconut shell pen stand & coconut shell paintings etc. Coconut shell jewelry includes coconut shell bangles, ear drops/ear rings both stud type and long type etc.

Being one of the best coconut handicrafts manufacturers in Kerala, India we have tailor made some of the finest products in unique designs. We have given ideas for our clients on how to make decorative items from coconut shell. Decorative products made of coconut includes coconut shell flower vase, coconut shell lamp shades, coconut shell bed lamps etc. Some of our most creative & best-selling handicrafts made of coconut are coconut shell bangles, coconut hair clips, coconut shell lockets, coconut shell keychain, Coconut shell soap dish, Coconut shell candle stand, Coconut shell cup & saucer, Coconut shell bowl, Coconut shell ice cream cup, Coconut shell curry spoons different sizes, Coconut shell containers, Coconut shell beer mug, Coconut shell wine cup, coconut bottle etc. More images & details about coconut handicrafts can be shared through our whats app / gmail

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